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quality tonight foreign intervention in the arab world rest will just fuel new civil war says russia's of blogs un condemnation of syria's government analysts are now asking who is next in line. france springs a new security measures to counter the possible revenge terror attacks for the bombing of libya but with soldiers on the streets and legal wiretapping critics say the public's good and safe. also this week sort of twenty fifth anniversary of the chernobyl disaster the sites of the worst of a nuclear catastrophe by still pose
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a danger again raising doubts over the safety of atomic energy. and the fine line between artistic protest and vandalism a controversial russian article which is the highest state of war all over the world that many dismissed as obscenity. it's eight pm sunday an idea of moscow you're watching the weekly our roundup of the top stories of the last seven days here on r.t. with me kevin no it and first revolutionary fever in syria shows no sign of letting up around seventy people have reportedly been killed now since friday in military crackdowns against anti-government demonstrations but on top of some five hundred other deaths in two months of upheaval in the wake of the latest bloodshed the u.s. has tighten sanctions that intensified its rhetoric against syria's political elite
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or when it has been finding out whether some of the closest allies of damascus may be next in line for a western backed popular uprising. some like it hot but this spring things have heated up perhaps too much in the arab world is hips knees or libya now syria northern african region and the middle eastern gulf the brutal civil wars with the western powers playing an important hand some believe this won't stop anytime soon so who's next in line for the greater evil in the region the answer may lie on the surface. president assad is disingenuously blaming outsiders while of the same time seeking a rainy and assistance in repressing syria's citizens this need to be a hint at where exactly the united states is looking to get involved i think iran has been targeted for some time and if you watch the propaganda about syria
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washington is now claiming. iran is helping syria oppress protesters what's different about syria about protest music in both cases really know for a fact. the united states government who are opposition groups and so it's only those two countries where there's there's an interest in intervening teavana has been a longstanding alliance with syria in this strategically important region right next to ron's arch nemesis israel syria syria isn't the same as libya geopolitically we've always been lies that syria is iran's springboard in its fight against israel this is why it will eventually make a powerful sunni jetted impact on iran's positions but this brings us back to the question what country will follow syria if it meant in syria progress according to the libyan scenario we will probably see
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a similar developments in iran unfortunately patti's iran will repeat the syrian scenario iranian ships have dropped anchor in syrian ports. in numerous books to tel aviv but damascus crippled by crisis iran may lose its footing in the region this is again a continuation of the idea that you use the international machinery to achieve your national objectives under the pretext that you are actually trying to protect human rights should the u.s. and its allies decide to go through with a habit of meddling in aiding revolutionary forces in the region the result may be catastrophic but if there is foreign intervention in syria yes iran's intervention in response that is a definite and very real possibility just as much as it interfered in iraq when the u.s. invaded that country and if suspicions proved true the world may be in for an entirely different ballgame if iran in the u.s. get involved in
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a very real hot confrontation in the house quietly. the u.n. failed to pass a statement condemning violence in syria submissions blocked the move expressing concern of the country could face a libyan style scenario and it russia was among them saying that outside intervention would only lead to further destabilization in a fully fledged civil war global policy analysts were bound girl told us that libya's experience shows how easily a sovereign state can be attacked out of the guise of protecting civilians as well if you look at what what the u.s. did to engineer the. un resolution on libya this is one of the most. brazen transgressions of the rights of nation national sovereignty and international law that we've seen in the post-war period and the responsibility to protect it is an insidious doctrine that spend developed by various think tanks connected with the circles in the united states to justify
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a need or definition of an intervention in a sovereign country fortunately this time russia and china are playing a reasonable role in blocking. u.n. security council sanctions for. or strong measures against the syrian soul i think they learned from their. deadly mistake on the on the libya case when they abstained. the state has no awareness that it's allowed to pass. on the ground in libya the country's embattled leader moammar gadhafi survived a nato air strike on his family compound in tripoli and youngest son and three grandchildren were killed in the attack it's not the first time the alliance has made an apparent attempt on the libyan leader's life this week russia's prime minister putin urged the coalition to stop breaching the u.n. resolution by hunting gadhafi and get back to its initial goals instead. of the coalition said destroying get their feet was not they kill his palaces some
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officials have claimed that eliminating him was in fact their goal who gave the right did he have a fair trial returning to the no fly zone bombings or destroying the country's entire infrastructure when the so-called civilized world uses all its military power against a small country destroying what's been created by generations i don't know if that's good. for spheres it's a leading role in nato as libyan campaign makes it possible for attacks on its soil in response new security measures including searching emails without permission and putting soldiers on the streets but introduced critics say france is being turned into a police state. soldiers on the streets with machine guns this is france is the chief here at fifty of your most expensive anti terror programs to for it what it calls the growing terrorist threat the government claims troops make the public feel safer but that's not what people think they look a little bit dangerous they can. use the force and the other way there is
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a bit frightening with god the. premier francois feel says troops are required because france bombing libya threatens a terror attack at home you'll know find soldiers at shops tourist sites government buildings train stations airports schools and churches but expose say the system doesn't even work in the main feature of terrorism is that it's impossible to foresee. real targets is not to catch terrorists says one investigator but to monitor the public it's easy to persuade people that they could be a terrorist just natural station it's easy then for people in friends to believe well that they have a right to listen to my phone calls which they do they do do it they have a right to monitor my emails and facebook because they're really protecting us
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troops or only the visible part or storage fees can now read people's emails under a law passed quietly in february president sarkozy also signed a bill for police to tap phones without getting judges authorization to justify the invasion of people's privacy says one author so because he makes france's six million arabs a scapegoat he has to make them afraid thinking that there is an arab with a bomb here. down the road the government recently branded muslims a problem and banned the muslim full. some already mocked the band and what they see as an arab witch hunt by going up in vocals and mini skirts there's also the launch cost world workers continue to be laid off in the economic crisis. estimated prices eighteen billion euros each year in order to create
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a million new teaching jobs and embarrassed government analysts say tries to hide the amount. is very expensive because the executive can move resources from one area to another quite quickly it's very difficult to find an exact figure critics like michelle cold who have dubbed the video system vishy pirouettes vishy was france's first in the second world war it spoiled and informed people and told that it is that minorities. the french government today stands accused of doing the same to its own citizens. r.t. paris. coming up in the program the lure of terrorism we examine what draws people to join the militant ranks leaving behind their families and friends for the sake of extremist ideology that's coming up tonight we also join the people marching through the streets of moscow on labor day today and look into the history of the holiday as it celebrated in russia. so last week marked the twenty fifth
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anniversary of one of the worst manmade catastrophes in history the chernobyl disaster in today the thirty kilometer exclusion zone around the blast site lies cold and desolate a grim reminder of the dangers of nuclear negligence and that is a lecturer jeff ski reports next to will remain so far as well for centuries to come. it's not every day you can see the chernobyl exclusion zone in ukraine as crowded as this hundreds including the russian and ukrainian presidents came to the morning and beside their nuclear plant to mark the date which changed the world the twenty fifth anniversary of the chernobyl fallout. i believe was a huge amount of citizen news from ukraine and russia was put in to deal with the aftermath of this tragedy in the face of such disasters we should be honest it's the government's only geisha to tell people the truth we need to admit to back then the government was not always doing the right thing nowadays the zone looks like
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this deserted streets and abandoned houses however a quarter of a century ago it was the place to be in the soviet union salaries for the residents of the town of p.p.h. were higher living standards better and infrastructure more developed the communist paradise changed on april the twenty six nineteen eighty six when the chernobyl reactor exploded the result of an experiment left in the wrong hands. with. the reactor was almost completely out of control in april twenty fifth but it could still have been saved the management pushed by the completion of an experiment personnel hesitated and were reluctant to but eventually couldn't go against the authorities we all know the result of rio meanwhile the town's population had no idea about the disaster people were enjoying an unusually sunny saturday outdoors. i mean my friend we were away from school the pointed beach we returned home and
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called in mud and my mother asked me where i had been i lied that we were cleaning the school yard and she was shocked as she'd already heard rumors of some accident the nuclear station both already started the evacuation only thirty six hours after the blast that's why many of those who stayed in the town later died or suffered radiation sickness but other kearney and co was among the evacuees. from the thirty kilometer zone just several years after the catastrophe she returned to the for a bit inland having lived there for more than two decades she says she wants to see the end of her days in the land where she was born we can begin to flirt and to found it impossible to sit idly about in queue here have a council and a grow every clean creation yes there is a little here but you don't find the place without it anywhere we are not scared. despite this optimism from recyclers the world still seems concerned about the true model throughout especially in the wake of the fukushima disaster that's why ahead
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of this anniversary countries invested more than five hundred million euro into constructing a new confinement destined to seal the exploded reactor for another century this is probably the last time we have managed to see the infamous chimney of the for the work of the chernobyl nuclear power station people behind the news reports are going to say that next year it will be dismantled then the station will be covered with a dorm and that will end the existence of the church of mobile nuclear power station but the former residents of this area say it matters little to them their life as they knew it had ended twenty five years ago let's see russia r.t. reporting from the chill noble exclusion zone in ukraine but with troubles on of those who are of an old nuclear fears attention to the ongoing crisis in japan's fukushima nuclear plant professor christopher busby from you committee on radiation risk told us that a slow government response to the crisis has put many more people at risk. it's much less under control gunter normal was i have to say that we the soviet system
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moved very fast to try and contain what was happening actually normal and that the japanese have been very very lax in their in the way in which they took people out of exclusion zone and they still haven't emptied enough people out of an exclusion zone which should as far as i'm concerned go out at least sixty or seventy kilometers they're measuring enormous amounts of radioactivity on the ground to seventy kilometers reporting this so that and these are mind sort of higher than the amounts in the true normal exclusion zone and we have increases in radioactivity near tokyo also of tokyo so the difference really is that there's a very very much larger population risk in japan and then there was interim noddle . a quarter of a century ago with rumors of an explosion at chernobyl on every street thousands of healthy young men in there they all did on planes and helicopters and flown to the side. of the country when they were seized by what i did have a understanding of what was happening there and either an explosion happens the
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site was in ruins that's about it or watch out his exclusive interview with one of the men who became known as the liquidators back then it's on our website at r.t. dot com there's also plenty more background on chernobyl there for you as well including special documentary for the very heart of the exclusion zone. this week russian security forces carried out a series of attacks against the terrorist network in the north caucasus the latest operation so ten militants including two high ranking warlords killed and that is when a caution of reports next from the region the al qaeda linked groups believed to be behind many attacks against civilian. this biggest achieving operation was carried out on the border between region and. republic when ten militants including at
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least two women were killed and among some high profile terrorists with links with the international terrorist group al qaida in this region further d.n.a. tasks would probably be required to identify some of the militants are leading figures in a so-called box on gang were already identified as big the truth was believed to be involved in a number of terror attacks across the area now and nothing among terrorists ascared jump who if it was believed to be involved in attacking tourists from moscow in the alpers district in february twentieth loven then earlier in the week and the special operation was carried out. and the leader of the public ramadan could be that of was personally in charge of this operation militants that were killed that were later identified asked close associates to russia's most wanted terrorist on of hands in the neighboring dagestan
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a leader of the so-called hi. guys there was also killed in a special operation now this wave of terror raids was launched here after a number of high profile terror attacks in russia and in the wake of the current interpret there now to talk about travel to the north caucasus who exactly what drives young people to join terse l's. a busy day at university in russia's north caucasus these students are learning about arab culture and language trying to broaden their horizons so was surveilled ramiele until radical islamists took a hold on him. i saw the way his stature changed he became alienated from everyone that brainwashing teaches them to be ready for the next world so they stopped paying attention to this one by the end of university he had started to take food to militant friends in hiding when seville want him to stop it he left home forever as locals say he had gone to the forest where. i already felt something inevitable
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and sad was coming but i didn't know what to do i didn't have a chance to stop him when he left her own from what she knows it was a month later the police surrounded a group of militants there dagestan's capital they were ready to surrender but the leaders started shooting to provoke the deadly gun battle in which they all died including romeo in another of the regions capitals now take its friday prayers of the city's main mosque but this is a muslim community living and clout. of its mufti was shot dead outside his home by muslim extremists and asked for cho had been a vocal critic of both your thirty's and the extremists saying there is corruption in the police as in other spheres of society but it doesn't mean that policeman are to be shot dead when their ideologists say they are there to make people scared of islam and i can't agree islam is not a thing to be afraid of the only way to promote islam is to make people see the
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beauty of it if they're scared of it they will refuse it but since the one nine hundred ninety s. more extreme forms of islam will to come from outside russia have been growing in influence university staff are concerned at how impressionable some students have proved to be they say the region's muslim majority has not been made to feel alienated we need. to speak when. god what a slap to show the russian federation our government i'll concede you shouldn't all morse they. do anything against as itself radical islam isn't thought of arrived in the region until the second chechen campaign started in the green since all the widespread fronting for their own methods of small extremist groups bombings and shootings. the question. is whether the radicals ideology and methods are ones of desperation or growing
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confidence of. the latest updates and good information about russia's fight against terrorists on our website to. such operations will continue until we have eliminated the terrorist underground in a republic we speak to the president dug a star and online know one of the regions facing ongoing militant attacks and find that r.t. dot com also this. is a multi-billion dollar satellites that crashed into the pacific ocean and crashed the career of russia's top play sport the both have a look at how that story developed we've trysting take it as well it is online tonight our team dot com plus. want to take part in this it's a competition picks of names for the exotic jag you would cover all of them petersburg zookeeper they just some of the stories a lot of attention tonight on our website r.t. . the decision to have the national art award
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to a controversial piece of graffiti ball in the historical center of some papers berger sparked debate here in russia many see the giant phallic symbol is obscene and others say it's the sign of an emerging civil society taking place i would bet it looks at both sides. this is award winning art according to russia's ministry of culture the sixty five metre phallus whitewashed on a drawbridge in st petersburg has won the twenty thousand innovation frys for best visual artwork self-styled art terrorists by now meaning war in russian are the unpopular with us. i think it's essentially vandalism a bridge is a cultural and historical monument and anything on it has an act of vandalism and it should be punished not rewarded. here in the center of contemporary art and see the other entries for the award nothing is stimulating no shocking or as innovative
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as violence and according to the jury that's why they won purely on artistic merit but now it's not as simple as that the same symbol the ministry rewarded is now being brandished in mocking protest this russian youth group is angry four hundred thousand rubles of taxpayers' money only given to a group it calls vandals for vine now the protest only legitimizes their own it. it's a very awkward situation when the state award goes to a group that in fact organizes an action aimed against this state but this is a very important signal with artists always express societies pain and a healthy society accepts these. but there's been no acceptance of binah as art until now two members still face trial on hooliganism charges for this little stunt british bank cd bail them out and they could still play seven years in prison for flipping scans so why this sudden show of state support.
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the minister of culture was afraid of being accused of political censorship and i think he was right in our country is better being afraid of imposing political censorship than to actually import your breezewood. in. a sea change from four years ago this image of two kissing policemen was banned by the culture ministry for international exhibits fearing embarrassment the curator of back exhibit was handed a year of favor back then he lost his job but this time he was on the jury so why is this our then. the turing is a graphic and expressive example of how an artist reacts to a social climate where he doesn't specify the target of his protest when he simply says that strong protest is brewing in russian society but having draw the line between say this and arts and vandalism as this is just a fleeting. street art is minor vandalism but it's not in ism the disorder
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it may cause is compensated hundreds of times by the meaning of the pictures of the witches painting could be restored on the bridge to become a symbol of some peter's bird's culture because it's the first work that is proof of a civil society. by no courts controversy usually at the expense of the authorities whether it's bought or not they've achieved what they wanted to notoriety they say they'll donate the prize money to political prisoners either bennett r.t. moscow. the traditional maydays drawn people all over the world to unite in solidarity and russians are no exception the country has a long lasting vision of course of rallies that are used to show social and political affiliation on labor day it governors are of their tribe the crowd fourth . a very rare occasion that central moscow is completely empty and this of course is done for these people's twenty five thousand members of treaty and who on this
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day are celebrating their professional holiday as part of that celebration marking through the heart of moscow all the way down through the kremlin not just tree here actually to their teams and anyone and everyone is on the streets of the capital including some of the more extreme organizations like of course the old stove right movements in moscow some go as far as to call them neo nazis or even as far as fascists they of course are standing and walking down the streets of the russian capital with slogans such as russia full russians block very few people could have imagined that these guys would be allowed to walk the streets and yet here they are with their banners their slogans and of course their unconventional covered up faces but they're not the only ones who are allowed to walk the streets of moscow on this day we know that many other groups that wouldn't traditionally be included
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in the first of may parades did walk the streets of the capital we know that the russian gay community also took to the streets and fortunately for them perhaps they chose to join a communist rally and they were not well received their luckily no scuffles ensued and of both respective parties simply went their respective ways as well as those groups and we know that various other demonstrations took place and even one monstrous now that is a specific group created by an artist called for the most absurd slogans that banners to be brought to the streets of the capital our indeed cities across the russia that is exactly what they did standing in the heart of the capital with slogans such as bring back the sun which is of course not exactly a very feasible thing to do. no but they had fun and that was many say is what matter is that seems to have become the spirit of may first and while some like
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these people take your seriously proud there's it is just a day when everything is possible and they do have a chance to speak their mind or maybe even have a little fun. at friends over middlemarch as well the prison of human talks to us at all to the couple of minutes times a night and also add sunday night sport in twenty minutes and richard has got latest on russia getting on to the world i soak in championships in slovakia so that's the next poems out and for you this sunday night the first of may.
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be. dying to. look forward to be held don't see. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of the racial. year of spring of nineteen forty five on our team.


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